Toxicity Studies

RNT Consulting partners with KASF Consulting to work with clients in performing studies to investigate the toxic effect of various chemicals on Aquatic Invasive Species. We use technologies like FastGreen to quickly identify mortalities of veligers, which accelerates the process of obtaining accurate results.

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Example: Potassium Chloride

Potassium chloride, a low cost, easily attainable chemical, has been shown to be effective mussel toxicant in several case studies. However, some other studies have shown that it is not effective at these same concentrations. We investigated the effect of potassium chloride on adult and veligers quagga mussels in a variety of different water sources. We found that water quality did influence the concentration and time needed to kill the quagga mussels. Additional studies that KASF Consulting conducted showed that this trend was true for zebra mussel adults and veligers as well.

Example: Chemical Comparisons

Worked with clients to test different chemicals that are on the market to determine the best chemical to fit their constraints. One client was trying to find a chemical solution to treat their water source in the event that it becomes infested with quagga mussels, and can not deliver mussels downstream. We investegated a suite of chemicals to determine what would provide the best protection in their system given their unique water quality and engineering constraints.

Example: Novel Chemicals/Technology

Worked with developers of new chemicals and technologies to determine if their product will kill mussel adult, settlers, or veligers. I designed the studies to determine mortality points, analyzed data to generate a detailed technical report to the clients.