Kelly Stockton-Fiti, M.Sc.

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Research Scientist

Specialist working with larval stages of aquatic invasive species. Extensive background in microscopy, toxicity testing and dreissenid mussels. Developed live/dead assessment techniques indispensable in toxicity testing.

Academic Background

Masters of Science, Fisheries Resources (University of Idaho)

Bachelor of Science, Biology; Minor in Microbiology (Colorado State University)

Professional Experience

RNT Consulting, Associate

  • Conduct veliger analysis and testing
  • Microscopy of environmental samples
  • Perform field and laboratory analyses on water quality and environmental suitability for AIS

KASF Consulting, Environmental Consultant

  • Plans, designs, constructs and performs experiments for different clients' needs specifically related to aquatic invasive mollusks
  • Conducts trainings on veliger sampling and analysis
  • Performs site evaluation for infestations of New Zealand mudsnails and recommend control techniques

Marrone Bio Innovation, Research Scientist

  • Ecological monitoring and toxicity testing on all life stages of invasive zebra and quagga mussels under different water quality parameters
  • Assisted in site treatments for customers

GEI Consultants, Aquatic Ecologist

  • Assessed exotoxicological parameters in accordance with state and federal regulations
  • Conducted biomonitoring assessments for clients
  • Identified benthic invertebrates and zooplankton

University of Idaho, Graduate Research Assistant

  • Conducted toxicology assessment of a product to use on New Zealand mudsnails and quagga mussels and assessed the safety of the product on hatchery gear and environment
  • Compared the hydrodynamics of two different engineered raceways
  • Designed a guide to address the assessment of risk and provided options for management and control of infestations of New Zealand mudsnails in fish hatcheries
  • Taught multiple workshops and hosted conferences

Colorado Division of Wildlife, Aquatic Nuisance Species Technician

  • Conducted monitoring procedures for ANS at over 40 reservoirs monthly, including water quality
  • Assessed plankton tow samples with microscopy for veliger presence

Publications/Journal Articles

Stockton-Fiti, K.A. and C. M. Moffitt. 2017. Safety and efficacy of Virkon® Aquatic as a control tool for invasive mollusks in aquaculture. Aquaculture 480: 71-76.

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Technical Reports

Stockton-Fiti, K.A. 2020. Investigating chemical treatment options on quagga mussel veligers in static conditions for treating water supplied for agricultural use & determination of water source effect on adult quagga mussels. Technical Report for United Water Conservation District.

Stockton-Fiti, K.A. 2019. Trout Haven Ranch New Zealand Mudsnail Decontamination. Technical Report for Steve Simpson at Trout Haven Ranch.

Stockton-Fiti, K.A. 2018. Recommendations for Capitol Lake New Zealand Mudsnail Management. Technical Report prepared for Capitol Lake Improvement and Protection Association

Stockton-Fiti, K.A. and C. M. Moffitt. 2017. Determining the toxicity of antifreeze to quagga mussels. Technical Report for US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Stockton-Fiti, K.A. and C. M. Moffitt. 2017. Investigation of the Edwards protocol's effectiveness on zebra mussel veligers. Technical Report for Mississippi River Basin Panel.

Stockton-Fiti, K.A. and C. M. Moffitt. 2016. Verification of the effectiveness of KCl on zebra mussel veligers. Technical Report for Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Stockton-Fiti, K. 2015. Investigation of the KRIA industrial ionizer on the mortality of the invasive quagga mussel. Technical Report.

Stockton-Fiti, K. 2015. Toxicity of EcoClean to Quagga Mussel Veligers. Technical Report.


Western Regional Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species

International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species

Western Division American Fisheries Society