Leonard Willett

PDF Resume

Water Treatment Specialist

Experienced water treatment specialist with 35+ years experience providing supervision, leadership and oversight skills for Federal and Municipal governments in distribution/collection systems, environmental engineering, hazardous materials handling, invasive species, project management, and water/wastewater treatment. I am a validation expert for AIS treatment technologies, including the Hydro-Optic UV treatment system.

Training / Certification

  • Arizona Water Treatment & Distribution Operator c., 2003
  • Montana Water Treatment & Distribution Operator /
  • Wastewater Treatment & Collections c., 1978-1980
  • Nevada Water Treatment & Distribution Operator /
  • Wastewater Treatment & Collections c., 2003
  • Federal Contracting
  • Project Management Association Certification
  • Project Leadership, Management, and Communication

Professional Experience

RNT Consulting Associate, AIS Treatment Specialist

Water treatment specialist supporting Industrial and Hydroelectric facilities with the implementation, testing, and service of AIS, disinfection, and dechlorination treatment systems.

Bureau of Reclamation - Hoover Dam

Environmental Compliance Manager, Nov. 2009 - Sept. 2017

Supervisory Engineering Technician, Oct. 2003 - Nov. 2009

Directed Invasive Species Research efforts and served as the task force leader that supported and installed control barriers for Reclamation facilities dealing with mussel invasion.

Directed and developed policies and programs for the Environmental Compliance Group at Lower Colorado River Dam's Office.

Supervised the Engineering & Planning Group for Lower Colorado River Dam's Office for 5+ years.

Previous Experience

Superintendent- City of Helena, Jan. 1977 - Oct. 2003

Consulting Services- Enviro-Tek, Feb. 1992 - Sept. 2003


AWWA, ICAIS and HydroVision / Journal AWWA and HydroReview

Member of American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation

AWWA Operator's Meritorious Service Award, 15+ awards from Bureau of Reclamation